А что на самом деле подумал Кролик, так и никто и не узнал. Потому, что это был воспитанный кролик
Ребята, а помогите с циклом Кребса.
Вопросы из теста для тех, у кого хорошо с английским. Решаю, если что для себя. Готовлюсь к переезду.

26. Which of the following is an example of a catabolic reaction?
a. formation of a protein from amino acids
b. formation of dihydroxyacetone phosphate and glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate from glucose
c. formation of glucose from fructose 6-phosphate
d. formation of glucose from amino acids

27. The precursor of coenzyme A is
a. pantothenate
b. pyridoxal phosphate
c. riboflavin
d. niacin

28. The precursor of NAD+ is
a. pantothenate
b. pyridoxal phosphate
c. niacin
d. cyanocobalamin

29. The precursor of FAD+ is
a. pantothenate
b. niacin
c. folate
d. riboflavin

30. Which of the following is a stage of anabolism?
a. breakdown of proteins
b. glycolysis
c. gluconeogenesis
d. hydrolysis of lipids to produce glycerol and fatty acids

31. In anaerobic fermenters, which of the following must be present to phosphorylate ADP?
a. NAD+
b. NADH + H
c. FAD+
d. FADH2

32. What is the function of NAD+, NADP+, and FAD+?
a. to remove carbon for release as CO2
b. to carry e-, and H+
c. to convert CO2 into glucose
d. to convert O2 and H+ into H2O

33. The synthesis of glucose from two molecules of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate derived from ribulose 5-phosphate and carbon dioxide is typical of
a. Krebs' cycle
b. gluconeogenesis
c. Calvin-Benson cycle
d. glycolysis

34. Which dietary monosaccharide is likely to yield energy before the other?
a. glucose
b. fructose
c. galactose

35. Which dietary disaccharide is likely to yield energy before the other?
a. maltose
b. sucrose
c. lactose